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Brokers specialized for retail and office space


There is a huge difference between retail and office space. Retail space can be a normal store or a huge warehouse while your office space has to be something cozy, attractive and flashy. We are talking about commercial real estate properties. There are three kinds of space that could suit or match your needs, industrial, retail and office space.

Depending on your preferences, you can determine what space will suit and match your business needs the most. It is safe to say that different features go with a different property of course. In the addition to all this, nature of your business and location can also determine what property would suit you the best.

Commercial retail space

Usually, it is more expensive than the office space. It is mostly surrounded by other stores if it is a store itself. If you choose a location that is closer to the anchor store, you are increasing your chance of better retail results. When choosing a commercial retail space, it is important for it to be visible and accessible. Visibility is probably the most crucial factor to your success. If your retail space is accessible to your visitors, it should guarantee good retail results. One of the important factors would be the parking space. If people know that your retail space has available parking space, they will visit more often.

Renting office space

Office space is far less expensive than retail space. The usual way of getting an office would be through a leasing contract. It is always a long period of time in question when people are considering office space for renting. Office space on lease is the best possible solution if you want economical prices.


Just like with the retail space, the visibility is important because you do not want to have problems with clients who cannot find your offices. Sometimes, things happen and you need to relocate. It would be best to find an office space that is easy for relocation in case that there is a need for it. Of course, you need to inform your clients about your relocation so these are the things that need planning in advance.

The last but not least important thing is convenience. When you want to set a meeting with your clients and customers, you’ll want your office to be convenient for them. This means that your office is easily accessible to your clients. This makes things a lot easier.

Now, we are aware that all these choices and decisions are not easy to make. That is why our real estate brokers and agents are always available and at your disposal in case that you need an advice on such matters. We are always prepared to address the matter immediately as resolving that kind of situations for our clients is of the utmost importance to us and our cause. Picking the right location for your office and retail premises is of great value to your business.